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Self-directed IRA platform Alto unveils capital raise platform

Source: Alto

Alto, a self-directed IRA platform that enables individuals to invest in alternative assets using their retirement funds, today announced a breakthrough solution that makes it easy for issuers to raise capital by tapping into the more than $10T held in IRAs.

The Alto platform simplifies raising IRA capital by replacing what was a people- and paper-intensive process with a streamlined investing experience. Now, issuers can create an offering and invite investors in just a few simple clicks through a seamless, end-to-end tech solution.

"Issuers have historically overlooked trillions of dollars in IRA capital because the process for accepting it was complicated and time-consuming," said Eric Satz, Founder and CEO of Alto. "Alto's tech-forward capital raising platform is a game changer, enabling issuers to create an account, upload their financing documents, and invite investors, all in just minutes."

With more than $1B in assets under administration and nearly 30,000 clients, Alto continues to lead the way by reducing the operational burden of raising IRA capital. With Alto, issuers can administer distributions and capital calls directly from their Alto dashboard. To date, Alto has enabled more than 2,000 issuers to tap IRA capital, with an average investment size of $63,000.

"We're proud to have built a vehicle that empowers everyday Americans to invest in alternative assets, and issuers are key to this equation," added Satz. "By making it easier for funds, founders, and issuers to raise capital with IRA money, we're taking another step toward redefining what the future of investing for retirement looks like." 

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