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Novo forms partnership with Alignable

Source: Novo

Novo, the powerfully simple® financial platform for small businesses, and Alignable, the small business referral network with more than 7.8 million SMB owners, announced their partnership today.

“Financial literacy in the SMB community is so important, but oftentimes business owners feel unsure of where to start,” said Gesy Rangel, Director of Community at Novo. “Our goal is to make this knowledge accessible, as well as usable. The Alignable community has shown that there is a demand for this information, and Novo is honored to be the partner that bridges this gap.”

Alignable will be the supporting platform for the Novo Community Group, a place for Novo’s small business customers to connect, access knowledge, and support each other. Additionally, Novo is bringing the company’s financial literacy knowledge and connections to Alignable’s seven million members through the Business Essential Education Series.

“This Novo partnership is a great way to help our members learn the best techniques to manage their money as 2023 forges ahead,” commented CEO and Co-founder of Alignable, Eric Groves. “Novo’s webinars have been very informative and hugely popular among our members, and we’re looking forward to much more robust participation in the webinars and in the Novo Community Group moving ahead. Novo’s Community Group is already off to a tremendous start with 2,500+ members, and I’m sure that number will increase exponentially as more Alignable members seek sage advice about navigating the economic ups and downs of 2023.”

Added Michael Rangel, CEO and Co-founder of Novo, “The small business growth we've seen in the last few years has been extraordinary, and with big tech companies continuing to layoff thousands of workers, I expect to see small business creation accelerate in 2023 and beyond. Together, Novo and Alignable will help millions of small businesses across the U.S. build community, gain new customers, and improve their financial outlooks.”

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