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Sustainability fintechs ecolytic and u impact join forces

Source: ecolytic

Sustainable investment solution provider u impact has joined forces with specialised green banking software provider ecolytiq to introduce innovative sustainable investment products to a wider branch of private investors.

Through a combination of u impact’s interactive investment sustainability analysis and the ecolytiq Sustainability-as-a-Service® software, this partnership will see two sustainability fintech specialists join forces to increase the accessibility and transparency of sustainable investing.

The market for sustainable investments has experienced an extraordinary boom in the last few years with estimates from Bloomberg that the market could grow to $53 trillion by 2025. ESG ratings have come under scrutiny as demand for real-world impact metrics grows.

The ecolytiq and u impact partnership infuses this market with a much-needed dose of transparency. The collaboration will empower the traditional investor with transparency around sustainability factors as well as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for current and future investment products.

Lesley Li, Co-founder and CEO at u impact: “The sustainable investment market should be focusing on tackling the problem of information overflow and how the information is communicated to the end investors. More importantly, finance is also about people and their behaviours. The future of this market should be about empowering the end investors for a fundamental behavioural shift. We are excited to team up with ecolytiq to accelerate our mission of ‘mobilising capital towards sustainability’ together!”

“The ESG market is well-intentioned but misguided,” said ecolytiq Co-founder and Managing Director David Lais. “Private investors want to align their portfolios with a better future. What they currently lack is clear and reliable impact information about their investment choices and how their investments affect the world around them. Our partnership will push the market into that direction by adding climate friendly investments to the list of actions consumers can take in order to increase their positive impact.”

u impact provides its commercial clients with a white label solution that offers an intuitive fund exploration tool designed to bring transparency, paired with powerful behavioural analytics. With the u impact solution, institutional clients can empower their private investors to become sustainable, confident investors and to make investment decisions as easily as shopping online. Friction in the investment selection process is reduced through gamification, resulting in improved user conversion and retention.

ecolytiq offers technology that calculates the environmental impact of individual banking transactions and provides additional content to guide consumers into leading a more sustainable lifestyle. Comprising of the three modules: ecoAware, ecoEngage and ecoAction, ecolytiq’s product suite offers an end-to-end solution to help banks advance their sustainability initiatives.

Through its smart climate software - enhanced by its behavioural nudging technologies - ecolytiq enables banks, fintechs and financial institutions to take the first step towards sustainable banking, by improving customer loyalty and engagement through a personalised impact experience.

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