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Lyfeguard partners with Farewill on access to end-of-life planning services

Source: Lyfeguard

Lyfeguard, a life-planning assistant and document management platform, has formed a strategic partnership with Farewill, the UK’s best-rated will-writer, probate and direct cremation provider, to empower users with end-of-life planning solutions.

According to the latest research, 56% of UK adults have not written a will which equates to 29.6m people. As part of the partnership, Lyfeguard customers can access discounted Farewill services within the platform, increasing the awareness of the need for a will and simplifying the process.

Lyfeguard deploys a ‘Trusted User’ functionality, whereby family and friends can access Farewill’s direct cremation and probate solutions to help deal with death simply and affordably. This also helps reduce the burden on friends and families as they navigate the complexity of death whilst grieving the loss of someone they love.

Death can be difficult to talk about, with people often failing to plan ahead and make their wishes known for what they want to happen when they die. Research shows only 0.3% of people knew all of their loved one’s wishes and 18% did not know any at all. Additionally, 76% of people have not put any money aside to specifically pay for their funeral.

Together, Lyfeguard and Farewill intend to change this narrative around end-of-life management, from a complex, tough to talk about and stressful process, to one which is simple, affordable and fair.

Dan Garrett, CEO of Farewill, commented:
“Making a will and expressing your funeral wishes is the only way to have certainty over what will happen when you die. Without a will those left behind face the burden and uncertainty of having to make really important decisions during one of life’s toughest moments, which is exactly why more awareness needs to be drawn towards the importance of wills, probate and funeral planning.

“Lyfeguard has exemplified itself as an ideal partner to help us drive this message. They understand the importance of end-of-life planning, and we are delighted to be working alongside them to connect even more families with the essential expertise and services we offer. Together we will make dealing with death simple and affordable for families across the UK.”

Fraser Stewart, Co-founder and CCO for Lyfeguard, comments:
“Farewill has cemented itself as the experts for dealing with death, and we are thrilled to be working alongside them to offer our customers its leading will, probate and direct cremation funeral expertise. Our companies share the same values, particularly when it comes to the importance of acquiring and carefully managing the information an individual needs in-life to make the process at end-of-life easier, and we look forward to spreading awareness and driving attention towards this alongside them.”

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