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Mondu provides BNPL product for B2B sales

Source: Mondu

Mondu, the fast-growing B2B payments company, has announced MonduSell, a new solution for B2B merchants offering flexible payments on every sales channel: field sales, tele-sales or email orders.

MonduSell provides the most popular B2B payment methods and flexible terms while conveniently processing orders from any sales channel in real-time.

It is estimated that 56 percent of B2B buyers feel there is a gap between the existing experiences offered by B2B sellers and their evolving needs for purchasing. According to McKinsey, 68 percent of sellers say their sales teams experience increased challenges and conflicts because they are not properly equipped to sell through multiple channels. Merchants also have a limited ability to offer financing solutions and are burdened with manual processes such as risk checks, receivables management, collections and dunning.

MonduSell is the latest solution from Mondu to solve this problem for merchants. It bridges the needs for B2C-like payment experience in B2B sales, and allows merchants to offer flexible payment terms to their buyers with real-time approval and faster order processing.

Malte Huffmann, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Mondu, added “Today, merchants are feeling pressure from many sides. From the current economic climate, cash flow squeezes and record inflation, to growing competition and increasingly buyer expectations, such as immediate approval, fast-shipping and avoiding advanced payment. MonduSell is the next step in our mission to provide inventive and reliable payment solutions that enable any B2B company to grow its business.”

Huffman continued, “Merchants can now offer the most popular B2B payment methods and net terms on offline sales channels and elevate their customer experience with greater flexibility, improving conversions and driving higher baskets by reducing budget-related barriers to purchase. Our whole team is incredibly excited to bring this to market for our customers.”

Julian La Fontaine, MD of IONTO Health & Beauty GmbH, one of the first businesses to trial MonduSell said, “As we saw the strong adoption of Mondu in our webshop, we couldn’t wait for a similar solution that can be used when processing orders we generate from trade fair or showroom interactions. MonduSell is intuitive for our sales representatives, with basically no integration effort as it works like a plug-and-play solution, and we can leverage our existing API with Mondu for invoices.”

Mondu Sell provides merchants with the following benefits:

Close deals faster: Close deals at the time of sale instead of waiting days for transaction approval. Mondu processes transactions in real-time and has industry-leading acceptance rates — even for new customers.

Protect cash flow: Get paid upfront regardless of the sales channel — improving a merchant’s cash flow while their business buyers pay at their convenience. Mondu ensures transaction reconciliation is completed accurately and efficiently.

Increase sales: Remove buyers’ budget barriers with flexible payment options and speed up the buying process to maximize conversions and unlock new growth opportunities.

Eliminate risk and hassle: Save time and money on tedious accounting tasks and sell without risk. Mondu automates credit and fraud checks, takes care of payment collection and dunning, and assumes default risk so merchants can focus on their core business.

MonduSell has no setup costs, requires no technical integration, and is simple to use, allowing merchants to start processing transactions right away. The solution is available on any device and supports multiple languages and payment methods.

Founded in 2021, Mondu launched a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) B2B solution for merchants and marketplaces. Its solutions are available to business customers in Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands with further market expansion planned for later this year. Mondu recently announced a $13M Series A Extension, bringing its funding raised to date to $90 million.

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