ActivIdentity launches OATH-compliant authentication products

Source: ActivIdentity

ActivIdentity Inc. (NASDAQ:ACTI), a global leader in digital identity assurance, today reaffirmed its commitment to the authentication standards by launching the ActivIdentity Mini Token OE and ActivIdentity Authentication SDK supporting the HMAC One-Time-Password (HOTP) algorithm technology developed by the Initiative for Open AuTHentication (OATH).

OATH is an industry initiative with the mission to drive the ubiquity of strong authentication across all networks, applications and devices.

"As the OATH standards become widely adopted, two-factor authentication technology will become increasingly more affordable, enabling businesses to better protect themselves against malicious security threats," said Wally Kowal, OATH marketing team member and vice president of marketing for mobile security company Diversinet. "The momentum created by companies such as ActivIdentity deploying the HOTP algorithm will accelerate OATH's vision of creating a network based on security standards where consumers can feel confident entering personal information online and where business partners can safely collaborate and share data across domains."

ActivIdentity's strong authentication platform is designed to support current and future releases of the OATH HOTP algorithm, and aligns with the company's strategic commitment to industry standards. OATH is well positioned to deliver royalty-free open authentication technologies which help to resolve security threats such as identity theft, phishing, internal security breaches and satisfy government regulations requiring a stronger level of authentication than provided by static usernames and passwords. ActivIdentity's technology leadership has made significant contributions to standards development for the U.S. government's GSA Smart Card Interoperability program and the U.S. Department of Defense Common Access Card program.

"Industry leaders embrace standards, and it is only through standards-based, interoperable strong authentication solutions combined with other layers of security that we will begin to curb the rampant fraud and identity theft plaguing the retail banking industry," said Dominic Fedronic, chief technology officer of ActivIdentity. "We are a strong supporter of the OATH initiative because no one company will solve this problem alone and the solutions of today will not solve the security problems of tomorrow. It is only through a standards-based approach that the security industry will be able to adapt and meet customer needs as the threat landscape evolves."

ActivIdentity Mini Tokens deliver simple strong authentication for identifying users and granting secure access to banking services. The ActivIdentity Mini Token provides banks and their customers an easy-to-use device to help combat Internet fraud. Its small size, durability (water proof to 1 meter) and long lifespan of up to 10 years combine to give banking institutions an affordable one-time password solution suitable for the exacting requirements of consumer banking. Unlike solutions from other companies, the ActivIdentity Mini Token eliminates the need for financial services companies to require banking customers to replace expiring authentication tokens every couple of years. This significantly reduces deployment costs, as well as administrative and operational expenses going forward.

The ActivIdentity Authentication SDK enables the rapid development of OATH HOTP algorithm-based solutions for efficient deployment of OATH tokens as well as flexible initialization and management capability after issuance to users. The solution can be used in conjunction with a server managed personal identification number (PIN) or password to provide two-factor authentication. The same back-end systems that administer the ActivIdentity Mini Token also support other authentication methods from ActivIdentity, as well as EMV CAP-based authentication and a variety of proprietary tokens and static passwords. Financial institutions can provide different forms of authentication to different users while using the same backend server, reducing costs and providing a migration path for the future.

About the Initiative for Open AuTHentication

The Initiative for Open AuTHentication (OATH) is the industry's leading collaboration of device, platform and application companies, and end user customers of authentication technologies. OATH participants hope to foster use of strong authentication across networks, devices and applications. OATH participants work collectively to facilitate standards and build a reference architecture for open authentication while evangelizing the benefits of strong interoperable authentication in a networked world. As OATH grows, the organization is actively seeking feedback and technology contributions from end-user participants who share a common vision for open authentication technology and the products that provide this important measure of security.

OATH is dedicated to helping customers reduce the cost and complexity of deploying strong authentication within enterprises, and across the Internet. Since its formation, OATH's membership includes security industry leaders from token manufacturers, platform vendors, smartcard providers, and security services companies. End user companies are joining OATH to add their voice and ideas towards the goal of open authentication.

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