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TrustPay earns Pisp licence

Source: TrustPay

TrustPay, a leading payment service provider, announces the extension of its license to include a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) license.

This license extension allows TrustPay to offer its clients even more seamless payment experiences and a wider range of financial services.

With the PISP license, TrustPay can now initiate payments directly from its clients’ bank accounts on their behalf, enabling faster and more secure transactions. This new capability is particularly useful for e-commerce and online payments, where quick and reliable payment processing is of the utmost importance.

“"We are thrilled to announce the extension of our license with the Payment Initiation Service Provider. This license will enable us to offer a wider range of payment services to our customers and meet their evolving needs," said Karin Milková, Commercial Director of TrustPay. “This is an exciting step forward for TrustPay and our clients, and we are confident that it will bring even more value to our offerings.”

TrustPay has always been at the forefront of innovation in the payments industry, and this license extension is a testament to its commitment to providing the best possible payment solutions to its clients. The company plans to leverage its PISP license to bring new and improved payment experiences to its clients in the future.

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