Extreme launches pre-paid Chip and PIN cards

Source: Extreme

Extreme are well pleased to announce the launch of Extreme Cred our new and unique pre paid card biz that kicks off today.

Extreme Cred's mission is to provide the best range of re loadable, pre pay cards out there.

Seeing a significant gap in the market for relevant, accessible, affordable pre pay cards, Extreme has teamed up with a highly experienced management team made up of the very best credit card professionals to deliver this truly unique and revolutionary pre pay card service.

Extreme Cred cards are easy to use, any one of any age can get one, work just like a traditional credit or debit card, but have no credit so they have to be topped up or loaded before they can used, working in exactly the same way as a pre pay mobile phone. So when the credit runs out, you have to top it up again in any shop displaying the Paypoint sign, online with a credit or debit card or at any post office. The security of chip and pin, cash withdrawal at any cash machine and the ability to purchase on and off line anywhere the Maestro sign is shown means this is potentially set to become the next must have product for teenagers.

Extreme Cred's proposition stands out because of its unrivalled focus on providing great customer service and experience. From the killer card design to being completely UPFRONT about the terms and costs, Extreme has designed a product and service that is fit to become the market leader. The Extreme Cred Card is unique because it is the only card in its sector to have a chip and pin and there is no management or transaction fees either.

Al Gosling, CEO and founder of Extreme commented "Extreme Cred is just an awesome new business for us, Our goal is to provide the best range of pre pay debit cards out there backed up with the best customer service. It fits perfectly with our mantra that anything we venture into we offer something new and different, and with Extreme Cred we sure are doing just that".

Mark Kennedy MD of Extreme Cred said: "This is a perfect fit, giving the ability to safely carry cash about and buy online to people who don't want to be tied down or hassled. Extreme Cred has no hidden charges, no statements, no hassle, everything's UPFRONT. From the cutting edge card design to the great features, this is made for our customers and will only improve as we develop a community and service around our cardholders which brings great benefits designed to appeal to them."

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