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Isitc sets up European ESG Forum

Source: Isitc

To help the financial services industry address the growing focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, ISITC Europe CIC, a not-for-profit industry body, which for the past 30 years has been a catalyst for collaborative innovation across the capital markets, is delighted to announce that in collaboration with global Fintech leader, Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc. (NYSE:BR), it will be establishing a new industry forum entitled “ISITC Europe ESG Forum” to focus upon the challenges and opportunities for the industry.

ESG is set to remain a highly prominent topic, creating industry debate around standards for reporting, ratings criteria, and costs to comply. ISITC believes that increased discussion is required now, if the efforts invested to date are to achieve the results and benefits that are forecast. The forum aims to bring clarity and purpose to the myriad of messages around ESG, by bringing together a broad church of practitioners, from company secretaries of issuers through to investing institutions, retail brokers and regulators.

Gary Wright, Director of ISITC Europe CIC and one of the founders of ISITC Europe, said “ESG is recognised as a high-priority initiative by our advisory board, which should produce long-term benefits for investment communities, the finance industry and to society as a whole. ISITC Europe is delighted that through its sponsorship of this forum, Broadridge is supporting key industry stakeholders to collaborate and enable a common understanding of issues surrounding the implementation of ESG from a range of market-centric perspectives. Through collaboration, the issues can be defined clearly, and progress measured accurately, for the benefit of not only investors but society in general.”

“Broadridge is deeply committed to driving innovation and efficiency in corporate governance and helping to ensure that the needs of issuers, intermediaries and investors are met,” said Demi Derem, general manager, International Investor Communication Solutions, Broadridge. “We are laser-focused on the impact that ESG-related regulation and market sentiment are having upon the industry and value the opportunity to work with a recognised industry body such as ISITC to positively influence market harmonisation and drive the interoperability agenda.”

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