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ZA Bank rolls out currency exchange service

Source: ZA Bank

ZA Bank has rolled out its all-new currency exchange service, featuring zero handling fees and real-time quotation to offer users a seamless, transparent experience in digital finance.

ZA Bank’s currency exchange service has 3 key features:
• 0% handling fees — all currency exchange fees are waived, with no additional charges.
• Real-time quotation with 3-step instant exchange — users can log into the ZA Bank App to check the live exchange rates whenever they want. In just three steps, they can easily exchange currencies within their savings accounts, converting their money into three major currencies (i.e. USD, RMB and HKD) in real time.
• 24/7 FX trading platform — ZA Bank offers a round-the-clock currency exchange service1. Users can exchange foreign currencies at their preferred exchange rates anytime, anywhere to tap every FX opportunity.

Devon Sin, Alternate Chief Executive of ZA Bank, said, “We are delighted with the official launch of ZA Bank’s currency exchange service. We look forward to helping our customers capture FX investment opportunities and grow their wealth with ease through ZA Bank’s existing foreign-currency time deposit and USD fund offerings. The convenience and speed of currency exchange in the ZA Bank App once again shows our dedication to creating the best user experience, so that users can manage their everyday financial needs at fingertips.”

Limited-time dual offers: Exchange USD at cost price + Buy USD funds at 0% subscription fees
From now until 31 December 2022, users can convert HKD into USD at ZA Bank’s cost price, and then subscribe to USD funds with zero fees2 to leverage the strong dollar for better returns on their assets. More than 20 USD funds are now available in the ZA Bank App, all of which are managed by top international fund houses, including the latest addition of Fidelity International and Allianz Global Investors’ best-selling funds.

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