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Association of Military Banks of America launches 'Patriot Card'

Source: Moca Financial

Today, the Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA), the nation’s only military bank trade association, in partnership with MOCA Financial, the leader in advanced digital accounts and payment processing, launched The Patriot Card, a state-of-the-art debit card designed to provide our Veterans a safe, flexible, and reliable way to receive, spend, and save their government benefits.

The Patriot Card gives cardholders advanced features, including:

• The ability to create virtual cards that can be used immediately, transferred to someone else, or easily uploaded into virtual wallets, all while minimizing risk of loss or theft.
• Cardholders can add money to Patriot Cards from multiple sources, transfer money between cards, and even make Person to Person (P2P) payments in real-time, all without fees.
• Both the physical and virtual Patriot Cards are accepted anywhere that accepts VISA, and both offer cardholders total spending flexibility without the limitations and fees common among other debit card products.

“AMBA is thrilled to offer Veterans a new, safer, and more flexible option to receive payments and manage their finances,” said Major General (Ret.) Steven J. Lepper, President & CEO of AMBA. “We teamed with MOCA because they share our determination to help Veterans achieve financial success. The Patriot Card will provide Veterans who prefer not to use bank or credit union accounts to manage their money an alternative that is equally safe and secure.”

Patriot Card transactions will be securely routed across either VISA’s network or the Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN). AFFN serves military, veteran, and civilian consumers of more than 375 military banks and defense credit unions. “Our partnership with MOCA allows the Patriot Cardholder access to over 800,000 ATMs and 2.3 million retail/merchant locations worldwide on our Network,” said John Broda, President & CEO of AFFN. “MOCA’s advanced solutions provide our Veterans with a method of financial access and management that is safe, secure and easy-to-use.”

“We’re honored to be able to play such a monumental role in serving Veterans worldwide,” said Shawn Sinner, President of MOCA. “We hope that this advancement continues to make life easier for Veterans, Military, Military Spouses and families.”

AMBA and MOCA decided to launch the Patriot Card on 11 November in honor of Veterans Day and National Veteran and Military Families Month. AMBA will donate a portion of the interchange generated by use of the Patriot Card to military and Veteran support organizations and causes. 

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