Paragon upgrades ATM testing products

Source: Paragon Application Systems

Paragon Application Systems, the leading global provider of ATM and EFT configuration, simulation and testing software announces the latest releases of its flagship WorkSmart ATM Suite of simulation, configuration and testing tools including ATMulator 2.3, ConfigBuilder 4.3 and FASTest 2.3.

The new releases will enable customers to refresh ATM marketing messages from their PC, to simulate and test Wincor ATMs and to support new ATM features including envelope-free cash and check deposits. International customers will benefit from enhanced support for foreign languages and for the Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) specification for chip cards.

"Cross-selling at the ATM and building consumer deposits are some of the ways that financial institutions can increase the profitability of their existing ATM network," says Mark Medlin, Vice President of Product Development for Paragon Application Systems. "Paragon's new releases enable our customers to cost effectively take advantage of the latest ATM features designed to deliver these benefits and more."

Paragon's new full featured HTML and URL support enables banks to easily update ATM screens without visiting the ATM and without making costly changes to their existing ATM networks. Using Paragon's ConfigBuilder 4.3 to create Diebold or Wincor ProCash DDC Windows-based ATM configurations with URL calls, banks link marketing screens with the URLs, and store the marketing messages on a local web server. To refresh messages, banks copy graphics to the web server and let the ATMs retrieve the new graphics automatically.

Research indicates that customers are more likely to deposit checks at the ATM if an image of the check is printed on the receipt. Paragon's new releases enable users to quickly configure and test envelope-free cash and check deposits for NCR, Diebold or Wincor ATMs with check images printed on the receipts.

To meet the needs of international customers, the new Paragon releases extend full EMV support to Wincor ATMs. Now Paragon supports simulation, configuration and testing of Diebold, NCR and Wincor ATMs. The new releases also display ATM receipt data in multiple languages using local fonts.

"Paragon has more than 12 years of knowledge and experience built into our ATMulator, ConfigBuilder and FASTest tools," adds Mark Medlin. "We are constantly improving our products and adding new features so our customers can get the most out of their ATMs."

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