Schufa partners Greenomy to enable implementation of EU Taxonomy in Germany

Source: Schufa

Sustainability and climate protection are central challenges of our time. Therefore, the EU is successively obliging companies, credit institutions and other financial service providers to make the sustainability of their economic activities measurable within the framework of the EU Taxonomy Regulation.

The aim is to create transparency and encourage the financing of climate- and environmentally-friendly economic activity. For banks, investors and companies, the associated reporting requirements often involve considerable time and expense. Banks and investors also require extensive data on their customers - this data is not fully comprehensive or readily available today.

A platform for central data exchange for the EU Taxonomy
With the SCHUFA ESG Solution powered by Greenomy, SCHUFA Holding AG now offers credit institutions, investors, insurers, and companies a solution through which they can easily implement their EU Taxonomy obligations.

"As a solution provider, SCHUFA supports its corporate clients in meeting regulatory requirements and makes processes efficient, digital and convenient," says Tanja Birkholz, CEO of SCHUFA Holding AG. "The SCHUFA ESG Solution makes it possible to fulfil the disclosure requirements from the EU Taxonomy Regulation and give business partners a clear overview of the sustainability of their business. This is good for business and good for the environment."

Through the SCHUFA ESG Solution, obligated credit institutions, investors and companies can meet current and future regulatory requirements in a simple, efficient, and structured manner. The platform offers easy data exchange between credit institutions, investors and companies and automatically calculates the required EU Taxonomy ratios. Via the platform, all parties involved can exchange the relevant data with each other and avoid duplicate data entry. Obligated companies thus save time, effort and costs.

Strategic Partnership
For the platform's operation, SCHUFA Holding AG enters a strategic partnership with the Belgian company Greenomy. Greenomy supports companies, credit institutions and investors in complying with the new EU sustainability regulations (EU Taxonomy, SFDR, NFRD/CSRD) by digitising the data collection and reporting process.

Alexander Stevens, CEO at Greenomy, about the partnership with SCHUFA: "Greenomy is an ESG Market Infrastructure operating across Europe and we are delighted to have SCHUFA join us as a key partner for the German Market. By using the solution, German banks and companies get a clear overview of how sustainable their activities are and funds are redirected to greener economic activities, accelerating their transition to a more sustainable future" 

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