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Crypto firm Dash 2 Trade raises $500,000

Source: Dash 2 Trade

In less than 24 hours, crypto market intelligence trading platform Dash 2 Trade has raised $500K from hungry investors.

They are revolutionizing the face of cutting-edge trading with their proprietary scoring system for presales and initial coin offerings (ICOs). Some offerings include a fully featured dashboard that makes analyzing the universe of new and existing crypto assets a realizable possibility.

Users of the dashboard can, for example, get answers to critical questions such as, for instance, is the smart contract audited, how many pull requests are there on the github code repo, how many interactions are there with a project’s smart contracts and so forth – all divined by accessing the layered functionality of Dash 2 Trade.

In the world of trading, there are many services competing for customers' attention. Dash 2 Trade is one such service that offers educational content, research, analytics and signals to traders. The market for these services is valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

For one thing, it brings together features such as auto-trading APIs, workbenches, indicators, on-chain metrics and market sentiment analysis that today are found among a disparate collection of product vendors, such as CryptoHopper, CointelegraphPro, Santiment, Glassnode and others.

Undoubtedly also a consideration that is driving interest in the platform is the team's antecedents in the Learn 2 Trade community of 70,000 traders, built over the past three years.

The foundational experience of traders, quants and developers at the coalface of crypto trading, serving up education, research and trading signals to 40,000 daily active users has enabled Dash 2 Trade to build a system that strongly aligns with the demands of retail traders.

There is a free tier to access the Dash 2 Trade, but for the full experience users will need to pay a monthly subscription of 400 D2T a month for the Starter tier and 1,000 D2T for the Professional.

There are nine stages in the presale, each with a higher price point for the token. Out of a total issuance of 1 billion D2T tokens, 700 million available for purchase in the presale. To take part in the presale the token must be bought with presale by connecting a crypto wallet on the Dash 2 Trade website.

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