MarketXS feed goes live on Hyperfeed market data platform

Source: MarketXS

MarketXS, leading provider of real-time market data technology and trading solutions, today announces the launch of the MarketXS Data Feed on Hyperfeed Market Data Platform (HMDP), the successor platform to Trading Room System (TRS).

Seamlessly integrated into HMDP, the MarketXS feed can also be used in Open Collaborative Container (OCC), the successor trader desktop to Active8.

The MarketXS Data Feed offers a full range of data sources covering all asset classes, including global equities and derivatives, investment funds, energy & commodities, fixed income and money markets. Delivering over 90,000 news messages per day and over 120,000 real-time quote updates per second for nearly 1 million different instruments, the MarketXS Feed provides unified access to quotes, news, research and pages from multiple data sources, including global exchanges, Over-The-Counter (OTC) venues and contributors.

Using industry standard symbology and single protocol for all asset classes, the MarketXS Data Feed crosslinks data between all asset classes, markets, issuers and vendors, allowing customers to switch between different data sources as and when required without code modification and offering the possibility to easily create bespoke data feeds. The feed is available as a ready-to-deploy feed handler on HMDP and as an API. Exposing a business logic layer, instead of just a raw feed, the MarketXS Data Feed API greatly reduces development time by providing a single, consistent system for accessing financial markets.

Ronald Kleinveld, COO, comments: "The MarketXS Feed is a fully-managed, zero-maintenance data feed that combines exchange and OTC data from multiple sources into an integrated feed with an impressive data coverage. The availability of the MarketXS Data Feed on HMDP will further reinforce the position of the MarketXS Data Feed as the independent alternative for professional users to the consolidated fees from the traditional vendors, and of HMDP as the only truly independent dealing room platform in the market."

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