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Clowd9 launches cloud-based, decentralised payments platform

Source: Clowd9

CLOWD9, the world’s first cloud native, cloud certified, decentralized, payments processing platform, has launched today, revolutionizing the technology that sits behind global payments transactions

The UK based fintech, founded by a team of payments experts, is an enabler for banks and fintechs, providing them with unrivalled controls, functionality and data with global coverage by design.

Founded by Suresh Vaghjiani, Cosmo Spens, Artur Grabowski, Robert Hampel, and Peter Selman, CLOWD9 was created to transform the technology that underpins the global payments system. To date, innovation in payments technology has predominantly focused on front-end systems, leaving back-end systems fragmented and lacking truly global solutions. Built entirely in the cloud, CLOWD9 has removed the need for physical hardware. Its decentralised model allows virtual access to the platform around the world, via ‘instances’, with payments transactions routed to the nearest cloud instance, providing unparalleled reliability. At launch, CLOWD9 already has instances established in every continent.

The technology behind the platform has been designed and built in-house, with open API’s that neo banks and fintechs can maximise to provide their customers with groundbreaking customer experiences. Its platform is uniquely built with microservices architecture, which enables CLOWD9 to scale up and down according to transactional demand, making its platform more energy efficient and resilient compared to legacy architecture.

Suresh Vaghjiani, CLOWD9 founder and CEO said: “CLOWD9 was founded on the belief that by deconstructing complex, legacy based payments technology, we could build a new generation payments platform, that can more efficiently service the fintech and banking sectors globally. As a team, we have each experienced the pain points created by the legacy technology that underpins much of the payments processing industry. Addressing those challenges is central to our mission as a business – creating a platform that is fit for purpose, using modern technology to create maximum efficiency for our clients.

“In addition, building a true global service in issuer processing requires an understanding of regional payment preferences. For example, historically in Europe and North America cards are often used. However, in territories such as Africa and Asia Pacific, users are leap frogging this technology to go straight to mobile and QR payments. At CLOWD9 it was imperative that we built a platform that could service these preferences, whether they are paying by traditional card, bank transfers, QR codes, biometrics or even Crypto.”

In addition to the energy efficient design, CLOWD9 offers clients real time transaction monitoring and customised data reporting, with integrated technology that enables clients to provide enhanced controls for the end user, including spending limits down to individual items purchased at the point of payment.

CLOWD9 is an AWS certified partner, and is hosted on AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. The company is also part of the inaugural AWS Fintech Accelerator programme.

Robert Hampel, Founder and Board member commented: “We have seen strong momentum behind the business over the first 12 months. Our team has successfully built a platform that brings payments processing into the modern age, building a strong book of clients at launch, and establishing ourselves as a genuine challenger to the current operating model; we want to start a payments revolution! We know we have built a platform with limitless potential, and I look forward to the next phase of growth with CLOWD9 officially launched.”

Headquartered in London, CLOWD9’s investor base includes former partners at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Vantage Capital Markets. It has over 40 full time employees and is currently awaiting B-Corp certification.

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