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Tifin launches AI-powered investing assistant

Source: Tifin

Tifin, the fintech platform known for Magnifi, it’s award-winning investment marketplace, today announced the launch of their new premium subscription Magnifi Personal, aimed at helping investors without enough time or knowledge to build and grow their portfolios with intelligence.

New and existing Magnifi investors can now upgrade to a Magnifi Personal personal plan and get access to Magnifi’s popular AI-powered investing assistant that will deliver insights, portfolio analysis, guidance, and long-term planning.

Subscribers can chat with their assistant about questions like “how can I invest in the current market conditions?” or “what sectors performed best this month?” or “compare Apple, Amazon, Tesla, and Netflix” and immediately get the data and guidance needed to understand the market and even invest.

“I’m incredibly excited about what this means for our investors,” said Jon Klaff, Magnifi GM. “Investors who need a little help getting started now have the guidance they need to invest with confidence, and experienced investors can cut through the clutter to supercharge their investing priorities. This is a very exciting time for Magnifi, and the future of self-directed investing.”

The launch of Magnifi Personal comes just weeks after Magnifi was awarded top honors for “Excellence in Artificial Intelligence” at the 2022 Wealthies Awards1, and launches alongside several other significant advancements at TIFIN to be announced later this year. ‘

“Magnifi Personal is a critical next step for the independent investing community,” said TIFIN Co-founder and CEO, Vinay Nair, “and a major unlock for advancing our mission of simplifying investing so that it can be a more significant driver of financial freedom for all.”

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