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Crypto educational wallet for teens Doshi goes live

Source: Doshi

Doshi, the first educational crypto wallet designed specifically for teens and their guardians, has officially launched, creating a unique community and platform where young adults can safely custody their digital assets, learn about blockchain technology, and access the growing Web3 ecosystem.

Crypto asset ownership for those under 18 is currently next to impossible; Doshi is on a mission to unlock the potential of the blockchain for young adults, ensuring that they can participate in crypto safely and securely.

According to a recent survey by T. Rowe Price, 40% of young adults believe that crypto is the future of investing. And as per Doshi’s survey questioning 600 young adults aged 16 and 17 in the US and UK, 63% of teens say that they are crypto-curious. Doshi’s app aims to be an all-in-one solution for teens and young adults who are looking to explore digital assets, but are unsure where to start. The majority of those under 18 currently cannot access the digital asset ecosystem because of age limitations on exchanges, and confusing UI/UX for their guardians. With Doshi, young adults can access crypto through easy-to-set-up sponsored accounts by parents or legal guardians who go through KYC for them. Doshi not only provides the ability to invest in cryptocurrencies and collect NFTs, but also offers comprehensive educational courses designed by industry experts to introduce beginners to the world of crypto - equipping them with the knowledge they need to safely explore this new internet paradigm.

Doshi was founded by Daniel Rose (CEO) and Jaco Koenig (CTO), after they saw a gap in the market for teens and young adults to safely onboard and participate in the world of blockchain technology. Where almost every custodial wallet in the market targets the technical, early-adopter crypto user, Jaco and Daniel believe that the promise of Web3 won’t truly be unlocked until the average person can participate without pre-existing familiarity. From their discussions with young adults around the world, Jaco and Daniel believe there is an unmet opportunity to provide a platform where teens can seamlessly and securely invest, learn from industry experts, and connect with their friends and other like-minded teens via curated social media experiences in-app and on Discord. Doshi users learn-to-earn, receiving NFTs upon educational course completion - collecting assets, unlocking new features of the app, and leveling up their own knowledge in the process..

Doshi has also announced a collaboration with Polygon Studios, the leading Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, to bring the first crypto and NFT learning platform for teens to market. Polygon is the go-to platform for large-scale Metaverse projects such as Decentraland and Sandbox, and global brands such as Disney, Meta, and Adidas. On top of that, they are one of the greenest blockchain solutions in the space, aiming to become carbon negative by the end of 2022.

CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Rose comments on the launch, “We have created Doshi to become the first crypto wallet to give the new generation a sense of understanding, access, and influence over their digital assets.”

CTO and Co-Founder Jaco Koenig comments, “Doshi is all about being super user-friendly on the outside, and completely safe on the inside. We strongly believe in learning-by-doing and we want to give the opportunity to anyone who cares to do it to jump right into it, safely and consciously.”

Along with the launch of the Doshi app in global Apple App Stores and Google Play Stores, Doshi also raised an initial institutional funding round in March 2022. The financing round was led by Danish Chaudhry, CEO of the crypto-currency exchange FMFW.io, with participation from Daedalus, Johann “Hansi” Hansmann, and APX Ventures. Doshi will utilize the recent funding to expand its services, educational offerings, and school and corporate partnerships.

Doshi can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play store, and users can easily create their profile, begin learning and investing, and even create AI-generated NFTs.

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