Depfa Bank to roll out Trio trading software in Tokyo and Dublin


TRIO Internet Systems, the sister company of Martin Brokers (UK) PLC, has signed DEPFA Bank as the first customer for its recently launched trading software, TRIO Vantage.

TRIO Vantage is a pricing analytics tool that has been developed to address the needs of today's trading environment. It continuously monitors and highlights arbitrage opportunities between currencies and instruments for all standard periods.

DEPFA is one of four international banks that have been trialling the software since its launch in January, and it is set to install the system in its Tokyo and Dublin offices.

Gary Sheils, Associate Director at DEPFA Bank in Dublin said: "In relation to our day to day market operations, the TRIO Vantage system is an excellent tool for monitoring market value. DEPFA will also use TRIO Vantage to spot arbitrage opportunities through various currencies."

When compared to similar software applications, Sheils claimed that TRIO Vantage was chosen by DEPFA because of its user friendly application. "TRIO Vantage is far more user friendly and comprehensive than other programs that we reviewed, particularly for our short term interest rate costs and money market needs." He added, "The layout and presentation of TRIO Vantage is also very impressive and is one of the reasons why we selected it as our system of choice."

Greg Stevens Business Development Director at TRIO Internet Systems commented, "TRIO Vantage will provide the traders at DEPFA Bank with fast and accurate information and should noticeably benefit everyday trading activities. We are delighted that DEPFA has selected TRIO Vantage and we are looking forward to working with the Tokyo and Dublin offices."

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