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Charitable giving platform Daffy adds family feature

Source: Daffy.org

Daffy.org, a new modern platform and community for charitable giving, today announces the launch of Daffy for Families.

For the first time, members can invite their children and grandchildren to join them in their charitable giving. Once invited, additional family members can create their own profiles, follow charities they care about, and request donations.

Daffy for Families is designed to help families of all types to give together more easily. From grandparents who want to pass down the tradition of giving back to their grandchildren to aunts and uncles who are looking for a meaningful way to connect with their nieces and nephews, Daffy is allowing up to 24 family members (including two organizers) under one fund.

“As any parent knows, when it comes to teaching values to your children, actions speak louder than words. It is one thing to tell your family how important giving is to you, but it is quite another thing for them to see you give,” said Adam Nash, CEO and Co-Founder of Daffy. “We have designed Daffy for Families with this simple concept in mind. Just as Apple made it simple to share apps, movies, and music with your family, Daffy is making it that simple to share the importance of giving.”

Built around a brand-new donor-advised fund (DAF), Daffy is the first platform to make giving a habit by setting up recurring, tax-free contributions and donations with cash, debit, credit, Apple Pay, stock, or 120+ crypto assets. Daffy is also the first full-featured donor-advised fund mobile app, and with the launch of Daffy for Families, the first national DAF provider to build a product feature that supports multi-generational giving. Since its initial launch in September 2021, the Daffy community has grown to thousands with members’ account sizes ranging from $100 to over $1M.

How It Works
Daffy for Families is not only making it easier for families to give, but encourages families to give by making every donation a teachable moment for their whole family. Members can include up to 24 family members on a single family fund. To inspire the next generation to give, anyone aged 13 and older can have their own secure account and password. From there, each family member can request donations to specific organizations to be approved by the organizers of the family fund, and receive notifications whenever anyone in the family makes a new donation.

Unlike traditional donor-advised funds, Daffy does not charge fees based on a percentage of assets in the fund, nor does it charge fees on contributions or donations. Daffy for Families is available at a simple, flat membership fee of just $5 a month, per family.  

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