NTT DoCoMo launches eight new credit card-enabled Foma handsets

Source: NTT DoCoMo

NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and its eight regional subsidiaries today unveiled the new lineup of eight FOMA "9 Series" handsets.

All 9 Series phones are preinstalled with i-appli software required to use DoCoMo's DCMX credit card.

The series includes Japan's first HSDPA-compatible handset, the N902iX HIGH-SPEED. HSDPA is a new high-speed packet-transmission technology for downlinks at up to 3.6Mbps, or 10 times faster than current FOMA handsets.

All models in the 9 Series have music players. Some are also compatible with DoCoMo's Chaku-Uta Full service for downloading full music tracks from i-mode sites, as well as Music Channel for programmed, automatic downloading of music from i-mode sites during the night (N902iX HIGH-SPEED), and Windows Media Audio files (F902iS).

Other features common to many of the new 9 Series handsets include:

  • Extensive security - Data Security Service enables phonebooks to be stored on the DoCoMo network.
  • Omakase Lock enables users who lost their phone to telephone a 24-hour call center to have the phone's smart card and personal data locked immediately.
  • Biometric Authentication requires confirmation of the owner’s fingerprint, facial or voice features prior to accessing most features of the phone.
  • Business mopera "ANSHIN" manager enables corporate administrators to lock phones and delete/backup phonebooks remotely via computer.
  • Chaku-moji - The caller's phone can transmit a 10-character message that displays on the receiver's screen as the phone rings.
  • Transferring contents to external memory
  • Chaku-Uta, i-motion, i-appli application data can be stored on a removable miniSD disk, as well as internal memory.
  • 3G roaming - Compatibility with DoCoMo's WORLD WING service for international roaming via W-CDMA networks in 33 countries/regions.
  • Decorative Deco-mail graphics can be automatically inserted in e-mail signatures and subject lines.
  • Receive videophone calls during packet communications
  • Compatibility with 1.7GHz bandwidth
  • Compatibility with communication congestion control
  • DoCoMo will control voice and packet communications separately to ensure that congestion on the packet network will not affect the voice network, and vice-versa (available this summer).
  • Remote control of A/V equipment
  • The "9 Series" handsets can be used outside the home to program audio/video equipment, such as DVD recorders, for recording TV programs.

Many of the new handsets are also compatible with existing 902i features, such as:

  • PushTalk for simple, walkie-talkie-style communication.
  • Osaifu-Keitai e-wallet services, including mobile-phone credit cards, e-money, e-ticketing, membership programs and more.
  • ToruCa for mobile access to information about stores, products, etc. by simply waving the phone in front of a reader/writer at a merchant or other location.
  • i-channel for news, weather, sports scores, horoscopes, etc., delivered automatically to the phone’s standby screen as telop text.

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