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Focused Labs joins Stripe Partner Ecosystem

Source: Focused Labs

Focused Labs, a leading digital transformation consultancy and software development firm, today announced it has joined the Stripe Partner Ecosystem to help enterprises modernize their payment systems and deliver better customer experiences at check-out.

Focused Labs and Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, will help customers embrace online commerce in order to help businesses support customers that want quick, intuitive and flexible payment options.

"Standing in long lines to pay for a service is a thing of the past," said Austin Vance, CEO of Focused Labs. "Customers today want to be able to pay for whatever that service is from the location and device of their choosing, whether that's on their cell phone before leaving the rental car parking lot or contactless check-out from the retail store. By partnering with Stripe, we're able to support more businesses that want to offer seamless online commerce on behalf of their customers."

Focused Labs builds custom software products and integrations, which includes the modernization or replacement of core payments infrastructure inside of existing business processes. Stripe helps millions of companies accept payments, grow their revenue and accelerate new business opportunities.

The Stripe Partner Ecosystem equips expert firms like Focused Labs with a full suite of resources for building products and services on Stripe's infrastructure.

"Focused Labs joining the Stripe Partner Ecosystem is an impactful step for businesses that are looking to grow their online revenue and leverage reliable financial infrastructure," said Joanna Raitano, Head of Stripe Partner Ecosystem, Americas. "This partnership will provide increased payments flexibility and help companies strengthen their customer relationship through seamless online commerce."

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