Tibco joins OpenAjax initiative

Source: Tibco

TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ:TIBX), a leading business integration and process management software company that enables real-time business, today announced that the company has joined OpenAjax, an open industry collaboration dedicated to developing and expanding the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX).

As an OpenAjax member, TIBCO will work jointly with 27 other member companies (and growing) to promote AJAX's promise of universal compatibility with any computer device, application, desktop or operating system.

Working in concert with other members of the OpenAjax community, TIBCO will help define the group's direction to assure interoperability with visual tools for Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Through OpenAjax, TIBCO will help to streamline interoperability of a broad spectrum of AJAX libraries so developers can leverage best-of-breed technologies without the need for extensive integration.

"TIBCO General Interface continues to pioneer AJAX-based Rich Internet Applications leveraging more than five years of AJAX expertise," said Kevin Hakman, director, TIBCO General Interface. "We're proud to join the Open AJAX initiative, and to share our expertise to improve Eclipse ATF and AJAX interoperability overall."

TIBCO's AJAX offering, TIBCO General Interface was evaluated recently by independent market research firm IDC in an Insight report entitled, "TIBCO General Interface: A Robust RIA Platform," published in April 2006. In the report, Steve McClure, program vice president, Software Research Group writes, "The Web platform has seen a proliferation of libraries and frameworks for interactivity, Ajax, and rich Internet applications in the past year. Many are still maturing. TIBCO's General Interface product is unusual - if not unique - among HTML-based frameworks for its maturity and its comprehensive design and development toolkit."

TIBCO General Interface is one of the most mature, proven AJAX solutions for rapidly building and easily deploying RIAs on the market today. In January, IDG's InfoWorld recognized TIBCO General Interface 3.1 with a "2006 Technology of the Year" award for "Best AJAX Toolkit." The product offers a significantly reduced development time and cost through use of familiar APIs, visual authoring tools, step-through debugging and extensible, reusable components. As testimony to the product's maturity, the visual tools are themselves a Web-based application powered by TIBCO General Interface - a full AJAX IDE running as an AJAX application.

Launched in February 2006, OpenAjax is a collaboration among leading technology companies focused on expanding the adoption of AJAX development techniques. The group seeks to accomplish this by evolving available tools and runtimes in order to significantly reduce the development costs and skills required for developers to incorporate AJAX into their Web-based applications.

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