UBS implements Integrated Decision Systems' wealth management software


IDS is pleased to announce that its GIM™ Wealth Management software serves as the accounting platform for the successful launch of a major partner's Unified Managed Account Platform.

That partner, UBS Wealth Management, recently rolled out the Diversified Return Strategy program (DRS). This managed account program is an innovative new program that was devised by UBS to minimize the effect of market direction on account returns by combining managers to maximize alpha, the excess return a manager generates above the benchmark.

The DRS program combines traditional methods of risk reduction (such as asset allocation, market capitalization and client risk tolerance) with a methodology that allows the investor to diversify assets in a combination of complimentary management styles. GIM™ Wealth Management has served as the accounting and trading platform for UBS' separate account program since its inception. Through the partnership IDS was able to enhance their existing GIM™ software to serve UBS' sub-accounting needs.

UBS Wealth Management USA serves the wealth management needs of more than 2 million clients with more than 7,400 financial advisors in more than 356 branch offices nationwide under the name UBS Financial Services, Inc. UBS Wealth Management USA is one of four business groups of UBS AG along with UBS Investment Bank, UBS Global Asset Management and UBS Wealth Management and Business Banking.

"A managed account platform of this sophistication would not be possible without the kind of cutting edge technology provided by GIM™ Wealth Management," said John L. Lang, Senior Vice President, ICS Technology of UBS Wealth Management US. "The unprecedented flexibility of the GIM™ system, combined with its capacity to manipulate enormous quantities of data, allowed our concept for DRS to take shape. A unique product like DRS requires a unique solution like GIM™."

"IDS is honoured to be working with UBS and we are excited about the potential growth of this program,” said Donald H. Totter, Chief Executive Officer of IDS. "The flexibility provided by GIM™ Wealth Management has allowed UBS to push the envelope in the asset management arena."

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