SkandiaBanken upgrades Web banking system with Metastorm BPM software

Source: Metastorm

Metastorm, a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software for modelling, automating, integrating, and improving both human and system-based processes, announced today that its software has been successfully deployed by SkandiaBanken in Denmark, the top internet retail banking firm in Scandinavia.

With the guidance and advice of Creuna, a well-established Metastorm partner, SkandiaBanken selected Metastorm BPM to improve its online banking capabilities by automating the management and processing of customer requests and transactions entered through its online banking system, including SkandiaBanken's mortgage and loan application process.

SkandiaBanken needed a solution that could increase efficiency and automate the human-to-human and system-to-system processes involved in offering a secure online banking solution to its customers. Metastorm BPM was ultimately selected because of its ability to improve SkandiaBanken's processing of online applications for banking services and web-bank access, as well as for Metastorm's integration capabilities. Additionally, Metastorm BPM was chosen for its user friendly, browser-based forms with built-in logic and automation. This solution matched perfectly with SkandiaBanken's business objectives of providing effective and safe online customer service offerings.

SkandiaBanken has already realised tangible, competitive results from the implementation of Metastorm BPM, including a decrease in the manual work required by the customer service staff and the simplification of the online registration process for new customers. Most importantly, the Metastorm BPM software combined with expertise in implementation from Creuna provided SkandiaBanken with a solution that was easy to implement, simple to maintain and agile enough to expand to the ever changing demands of SkandiaBanken's financial business environment.

"The selection of Metastorm by a banking leader like SkandiaBanken speaks to the value that Metastorm BPM is providing to organisations all over the world," stated Neil Berry, director of Northern Europe for Metastorm. "BPM is now the foundation for SkandiaBanken to address all of its critical online banking processes and Metastorm is excited that SkandiaBanken has realised so quickly its goals for process automation and improvement."

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