Passfaces releases Windows compliant password system

Source: Scott & Scott

Passfaces Corporation, the only provider of cognometric authentication solutions today announced its newest product, Passfaces for Windows Enterprise v3.0 which provides a turnkey authentication solution for Microsoft Windows networks.

The product is immediately available.

"A growing number of customers have been asking for a solution that would work in their Windows environment and meet Microsoft's requirements for complex passwords. Customers from the healthcare arena, colleges and universities, government agencies, large corporations and legal offices have all expressed an interest in this technology," said Paul Barrett, CEO, Passfaces Corporation. "Passfaces for Windows is an out of the box authentication product that is easy to deploy and one that end users not only find easy to use but actually enjoy using."

Passfaces for Windows Enterprise v3.0 offers the strong authentication provided by Passfaces' patented technology in a Windows environment. It works in all Microsoft Windows network environments and applications allowing network managers to rapidly replace password logons with Passfaces to increase overall network security. Passfaces access is available for local and remote desktop logon, network resource access, RAS, and terminal services. Passfaces for Windows includes Passfaces access for Microsoft Internet Information Server IIS based intranets, extranets, SSL-VPNs, and enterprise Web Services.

One of the biggest security challenges when using complex passwords or other alternatives such as ID tokens or smartcards to improve access security is the creation of problems for end users. Complex passwords are difficult to remember and many users either forget them or write them down. Forgotten passwords result in costly resets. Writing down passwords creates security problems. Or in the case of hardware authenticators, they can easily be lost or stolen. Passfaces solves both sets of problems by offering the complexity required for strong security and the simplicity demanded by users.

"Given the nature of our business, Scott & Scott is committed to deploying leading edge security solutions to keep client data confidential and secure," said Rob Scott, Managing Partner, Scott & Scott, LLP. "After a comprehensive search to select the software that will best meet our needs, Scott & Scott selected Passfaces' authentication technology to secure our Windows XP environment."

"We selected Passfaces for its unique authentication technology leveraging the human ability to recognize faces. We were immediately impressed with the natural power of cognometrics."

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