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Future Fund raises $3.8m for blockchain-based micro-investment platform

Source: Future Fund

Future Fund – a fintech start-up founded by a group of Polish managers – announced the conclusion of its private sale round. Investors who joined the project during this round provided $3.8 million for its development, turning Future Fund into one of the world's most valued blockchain start-ups in 2022.

Future Fund is building a blockchain-based micro-investment platform fuelled by cashback rewards – credit or debit card bonuses that refund cardholders small percentages of the amounts spent on purchases. They range from a few to even a dozen percent of the purchase value.

“Blockchain tech has matured enough and can be utilised to create entirely new solutions in the world of traditional finance. Future Fund, the project we are building, is a revolutionary undertaking where blockchain and a community of enthusiastic consumers are going to change how cashback works – i.e. the amounts that sellers return to customers for shopping at various stores, both online and offline. They seem small only at first glance. Pooling them all together over the course of a year, the result is an amount that can generate a stream of additional, noticeable income over time and – in the long run – become a personal retirement “fund”. Today, it's mostly marketing and tech platforms that benefit from cashback rewards. We are going to make this money work for Future Fund's community” – explained Grzegorz Grzegorski, Future Fund’s co-founder and Chief Marketing.

Future Fund responds to a growing need among consumers, who would like to build a financial safety net without giving up on current shopping habits and reducing consumption.

Funds gathered by customers through cashback rewards will be collected in individual accounts on the Future Fund platform and then invested by a specialized investment fund. The fintech start-up will utilise blockchain-based mechanisms, ensuring transparency, low costs, and – above all – security.

The fund's investment policy is overseen by experienced managers from the traditional finance industry. The investment is made even more secure as a result of the fund being located in Switzerland, a country that offers the most modern regulations for innovative fintech companies using blockchain technology. Leading European law firms are also making sure that the business model complies with the legal requirements in force in Switzerland and the European Union.

“We're very happy with the result of the private sale round. This capital secures the future of Future Fund and will allow us to build a fintech company based on real innovation in the area of saving and investing in spite of tough market conditions. We combine the experience of our advisors and team members in the area of traditional and decentralised finance” – said Grzegorski. Further funding rounds are planned for the second half of 2022. Currently, the team is focused on developing an MVP app, building its community, and creating a network of partnerships required to create a fully operational Future Fund ecosystem. 

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