TNS Smart Network reports growth of white label ATMs in Canada

Source: TNS Smart Network

TNS Smart Network Inc., Canada's largest privately owned processor, announced today that it continues to experience momentous growth in the deployment of "white label" ATMs in Canada.

With a 20% increase in ATMs deployed on TNS Smart Network (TNS) in Q1 compared to the same quarter last year, TNS sees no end in sight.

"While some of the growth can be attributed to TNS' ability to attract current ATM customers with superior service, the number of new ATMs being deployed is in itself startling," stated Mischa Weisz, President and CEO of TNS Smart Network Inc.

Since 1997, 1,000 new ATMs on average are added to the TNS network annually, and with recent growth, TNS now expects that number to more than triple. "TNS has already added 1,500 new ATMs resulting in 8,000 ATMs on the TNS Smart Network. This has been an exceptional start to the year and 2,000 more expected by the end of 2006," commented Weisz.

Empowering customers through advanced self-service tools is a key contributor in TNS' successful growth. Several new industry leading features, developed through TNS' U.S. processing subsidiary company, SPN Processing Network Inc., will be added to the Smart Processing Suite in 2006.

Currently, TNS maintains a volume of ATMs equivalent to 50% of all the ATMs deployed by financial institutions in Canada combined and looks forward to continued market growth in the years to come.

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