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Fundvest to release a new investment app in the Baltic countries

Source: Fundvest

Fundvest is a solution for people who want to increase their wealth - a user-friendly savings and investments platform that will help people focus on their long-term financial future.

It will offer access to EU and US stock exchanges and have transparent pricing, as commission fees will only be tied to customers activity. No hidden fees and surprises.

Fundvest co-founders Rasmus Klaassen, Sander Siim Vaher, Egon Orav, Martins Untals and Ottomar Paeväli all have years of experience in banking and fintech scene, that they bring in building Fundvest. To release the new app, Fundvest first had to secure funding and a brokerage license and currently they are in the very last stages of building the mobile app.

“Europeans lack an investment app, that offers access not only to NYSE but also other EU member states' stock exchanges. Existing fintech solutions mainly promote day traders like FOMO investing culture. Fundvest tackles this problem by offering access to EU and US stock exchanges with transparent pricing model and an easy-to-use investment app” - Rasmus Klaassen, Fundvest CEO.

After the platform goes live in three Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Fundvest will be working to continue expanding the investment services throughout the European Union.

Although the app isn’t ready yet, it is possible to sign up for an exclusive waitlist on their website. Subscribers will have an opportunity to download the application first and the product itself should be available for the public during the third quarter of this year.

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