Trintech introduces dispute advisor system

Source: Trintech

Trintech Group Plc (Nasdaq: TTPA), a leading provider of transaction management and payment infrastructure solutions, today announced it is helping its banking customers to reduce call handling times significantly and dramatically increase the number of disputes they resolve on the first call.

PayWare DisputeAdvisor from Trintech is a proven intelligent dispute resolution tool, which is transforming the way customer disputes are handled.

Trintech's Director of dispute resolution products, Gerry Gielty, explained: "Most of us at some stage have had an issue with an item appearing on a credit or debit card statement. This can trigger the dispute resolution process where banks are required to follow a set of procedures, with complex rules and regulations to check each dispute, establish its validity and resolve the dispute. This is a costly and time-consuming process, particularly when calls have to be passed to a technically qualified expert to resolve.

"In one typical case we have found that up to 60 percent of calls were being passed to dispute experts for evaluation, but of those 60 percent, only 20 percent resulted in genuine chargebacks.

"PayWare DisputeAdvisor enables the user to determine at a much earlier stage if a disputed transaction is indeed a dispute and if it should result in a chargeback, by deploying an interactive chargeback decisioning process. Our experience shows that a high percentage of incoming "dispute" calls can be dealt with in the first instance by non-experts using DisputeAdvisor."

PayWare DisputeAdvisor is built to capture specialized card scheme regulations and reflect a bank's interpretation of the rules. Its advantage is that it deploys on multiple platforms and can be seamlessly integrated into existing front- and back-office systems without the bank having to restructure its technical architecture.

Traditionally, banks invest a lot of money in enterprise-wide workflow and case management systems but fail to fully realize expected returns on these investments due to the complex nature of the regulations. PayWare DisputeAdvisor delivers the intelligence to deal with the disputes issue and thus enables banks and merchants to maximize returns on their existing enterprise platforms, according to Gerry Gielty.

He said: "It has huge implications for banks seeking innovative solutions to combat increased chargeback volume due to escalating fraudulent transactions taking place on credit card accounts. It allows frontline customer service personnel with no chargeback experience to resolve disputes at the first point of contact: they simply follow the decisioning process presented by PayWare DisputeAdvisor. Fewer disputes require intervention and fewer non-disputes end up being routed to the dispute specialists, freeing up their time to concentrate on the real problems, achieving improved accuracy, efficiency and customer satisfaction through a consistent service."

The product architecture supports intelligent dispute resolution for issuers, acquirers, merchants and e-merchants and can be extended to support non-card-based disputes, such as check fraud, insurance claims and more. PayWare DisputeAdvisor joins Trintech's all encompassing portfolio of integrated card payment and dispute resolution products.

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