Kantenga to develop Swedish BankID compliant server

Source: Kantenga

An important part of the Swedish BankID concept is the validation software, BankID Control Server which enables authorities, companies and other organisations to identify persons by using the Swedish BankID electronic identification and signature system.

The validation software is certified by Financial ID-Technology BID AB. The use of certified validation software is compulsory in the BankID concept.

Kantega Secure Identity is a multi PKI server with support for different Nordic PKI solutions.

Kantega is developing a plugin for Kantega Secure Identity Server, which will make the server a fully fledged BankID Control Server. It will be named Kantega Swedish BankID and is part of Kantega Secure Identity Server, version 3.5 and later. Version 1.0 of the plugin is planned to enter the certification process of Financial ID-Technology BID AB during spring/early summer of 2006.

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