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Nova Credit debuts cash-flow underwriting tool

Source: Nova Credit

Nova Credit, the fintech unlocking opportunities for mainstream and credit excluded consumers and the companies looking to serve them, today has launched its latest product, Cash Atlas – a first-party cash flow underwriting solution that transforms bank transaction data into a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) consumer report, informing businesses’ lending decisions by painting a more holistic view of consumers’ financial health.

In the U.S. alone, more than 50 million consumers are credit excluded because they don’t use credit in conventional ways. Additionally, lending to mainstream consumers has become threatened by economic and technological instability from a looming recession, disruption from Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) products and COVID-19’s impact on credit score effectiveness. While traditional credit bureau data has been the anchor data source for measuring risk in the industry for years, it leaves gaps in assessing a consumer’s complete financial situation and limits opportunities for businesses to offer services to large portions of the population.

Nova Credit’s Cash Atlas™ provides a 360-degree view of a consumer's financial profile across the credit spectrum, including prime, near prime, and credit excluded consumers. It gives consumers the power to share an unparalleled view into their financial situation by connecting consumer-permissioned financial data points, such as bank transaction data in their checking and savings accounts. Cash Atlas™ compiles this data - including net inflows and outflows, overdraft, debit transactions and generally how consumers manage their finances - to provide businesses with an actionable intelligence that is unavailable in traditional credit reporting and needed to understand consumer affordability and likelihood to pay. With this more complete picture, financial institutions, for example, can fairly evaluate consumers to provide wider access to credit.

"When we learned about Nova Credit's Cash Atlas™, we were drawn by the product's ability to help give customers, who are often turned down by prime lenders, a second chance to access the financing they need while improving the company’s risk assessment and prediction,” shared Bruce Weinstein, CEO of Genesis Financial Solutions - Cash Atlas's flagship customer and a leading provider of near-prime consumer financing solutions.

“At this point in the economic cycle, there is so much instability and more unknowns yet to come,” said Sarah Davies, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Nova Credit. “Cash Atlas™ comes at a critical time to support lenders as they navigate this tumultuous lending landscape. It provides the necessary toolkit to holistically manage credit risk for mainstream and credit excluded consumers by clarifying for the lender whether the consumer has the capacity to afford a loan based on the financial health of their bank account and also whether the consumer is likely to repay the loan given the availability of funds.”

“Though traditional credit data-based underwriting practices provide a strong barometer for decision makers, they have unintentionally excluded a broad swath of consumers from credit and financial services. This in turn has denied millions of worthy Americans the opportunity to set a strong foundation for their financial future,” said Misha Esipov, co-founder and CEO of Nova Credit. “Nova Credit’s mission is to power a fair and inclusive financial system for the world. While our dream started by helping newcomers to the U.S. bring their own credit history with them upon arrival, we uncovered an opportunity to help those within the U.S. to tap into their financial data for the betterment of their financial future. Cash Atlas™ is our next step to help consumers and the businesses that serve them to unlock access to more data to tell a more complete and accurate picture of a consumer's financial makeup.”

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