Diebold introduces remote ATM troubleshooting service

Source: Diebold

Diebold's new OpteView Remote Services enables remote troubleshooting and problem diagnosis for the service of ATM networks.

Using proven Internet technology to communicate directly with ATMs, Diebold's latest innovation in service delivery supports the company's Opteva family of ATMs and initiates service delivery before a technician is even dispatched to an ATM site.

OpteView was developed to help financial institutions achieve the highest- possible uptime across their ATM networks. Enabled by a partnership with Axeda Corporation, a leading provider of secure, scalable device relationship management systems, OpteView allows Diebold to begin problem resolution within minutes of a service request by remotely accessing data for a complete, detailed state of health for every module of the ATM. The level of diagnosis provided by OpteView is only available using Diebold's Opteva hardware and Agilis software platforms. The result is an ATM service experience that is unmatched in the industry.

For many financial institutions, OpteView is a natural extension of their existing service relationship with Diebold. According to Chad Lynch, ATM service manager for America First Credit Union in Riverdale, Utah, OpteView gives Diebold a competitive advantage because it further improves uptime and enables the financial institution to resolve issues without dispatching technicians.

"With OpteView, I can achieve world-class ATM availability by making the most out of a close relationship with a trusted partner - Diebold," Lynch said. "We want our ATM network to be the best it can be. OpteView allows me to let Diebold do what they do best, while I focus more of my attention on technology for my credit union."

The sixth-largest credit union in the United States, America First's mission is to deliver the highest-quality service and cutting-edge technology to its 398,000 members. The first financial institution to deploy Diebold's Opteva family of ATMs, OpteView is a natural fit with its service model.

OpteView receives data from ATMs in real-time and delivers it directly to Diebold's Customer and Technology Support Center (CTSC), where it is processed and turned into actionable information. In some cases, specific fixes can be deployed remotely from the CTSC. In others, information is delivered to a Diebold customer service engineer (CSE) in transit to facilitate more accurate repair decisions. The technology built into the Opteva ATM and OpteView Remote Services enables Diebold to remotely perform the following functions without the need for an on-site service professional:

  • Conduct diagnostic sessions, including checks of system processes for normal operation, individual device testing and root-cause analysis of device diagnostic log files
  • Generate a problem diagnosis prior to the on-site arrival of a CSE, providing information about parts that might be needed for repair
  • Provide a recommended recovery solution before a CSE even makes the service call
  • Perform reboot or hardware reset to recover from communications failures or other malfunctions
  • Postpone or cancel on-site service response when an applicable fix can be completed remotely

"Diebold made a tremendous investment in the Opteva product line and Agilis software platform with a vision to offer our customers an unrivaled ATM experience," said Chuck Ducey, vice president of global development and service. "When coupled with Opteva and Agilis, OpteView provides support for our customers with real-time insight into their networks. OpteView is integral to Diebold's long-term vision for supporting self-service products, and it positions the service industry for a shift to a pre-emptive service model."

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