HPC licenses Kalahari's Kace for multi-currency pricing

Source: Kalahari

Kalahari, a global provider of real-time price discovery and analytic solutions to financial and energy trading institutions in over 16 countries, today announced that HPC group has signed an agreement to deploy kACE, the pricing, calculation and analysis tool for traders, at their Paris office.

HPC will use kACE for multi-currency pricing.

The result of a merger between several investment brokers in Paris, London and Frankfurt, the HPC group specialises in the intermediation of short-term products, off-balance-sheet and refinancing operations. HPC group has more than 500 customers in Europe.

Commenting, Arnaud Dumasdelage, Manager of the Currency Desk at HPC Paris said: "We are in the market of providing our customers with an accurate and fast service. We needed a pricing tool that can adapt quickly and simply when the market changes. We also need to see what is happening with the curve over a 6-4 month period. Having reviewed a number of products over the past six months, we selected kACE because it meets all the criteria we set."

Mark Holden, sales director EMEA, at Kalahari, says HPC recognise that "traditional price discovery and modelling systems, which have typically been created using spreadsheets, are no longer robust enough to meet the mission critical demands of this highly competitive market sector." "Traders demand a modelling environment that is resilient and highly configurable." He continued.

kACE is the industry's leading real-time price discovery and analytic solution and is used by some of the world’s largest and most progressive banks, inter-dealer brokers, fund managers and energy institutions, across four continents.

Using Kalahari's robust and ready-to-use analytics tools, customers can create customised mathematical models quickly and easily. So when methodologies or conventions change, or when new markets open-up, customers can build market share and improve trading margins.

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