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PayPal funded donation to Ukrainian relief efforts reach $250 million

Source: PayPal

Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, PayPal and our charity partners have helped raise over $250 million for organizations supporting relief efforts in Ukraine.

This significant support by global communities is one of the largest efforts we’ve seen, and humanitarian support efforts only continue to grow and expand.

PayPal provides customers many ways to support:

Send Money Directly to Recipients in Ukraine

PayPal and Xoom customers in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and much of Europe can send money to support family and loved ones in Ukraine affected by the crisis. From the PayPal and Xoom app or on Xoom.com, customers can send money for cash pick-up, typically in minutes, to thousands of locations across Ukraine, or refill prepaid mobile phone plans so family and loved ones can continue to stay in touch during this critical time.

Support Relief Efforts

Visit PayPal’s fundraising campaign to donate to support international relief charities focused on providing both humanitarian aid within Ukraine, as well as refugee support. Featured charities include the International Rescue Committee (IRC), UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Direct Relief, Save the Children, and more.

The campaign is available to customers in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, U.K., and we are actively evaluating how to further expand this effort.

Donate When You Ride with Uber

Uber and PayPal have teamed up to enable customer donations to support the IRC in support of families affected by the crisis in Ukraine. The donations will be used to help people whose lives and livelihoods are affected by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and regain control of their future.

Donations can be made in the Uber app, as well as an accompanying donation page campaign page.

Give at Checkout

Every dollar counts. Show your support with a $1 donation to charity when you check out with PayPal while shopping online.

You can also set your favorite charity in your PayPal Account Overview or in-app, to ensure you have the option to support them anytime you shop with PayPal. Alternatively, PayPal will suggest a relevant charity for you.

Give In the PayPal App

From the PayPal app or on your browser you can support thousands of charities with PayPal Giving Fund, without any deductions or transaction fees. Giving is centralized in the app, located in the Payments hub.

Donate with Rewards

PayPal’s Pay with Rewards enables customers to use rewards for eligible purchases at millions of online stores that accept PayPal. This feature was expanded to enable customers with eligible credit cards to donate their rewards to support any of thousands of charities enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund. Reward balances are automatically converted to an equivalent dollar donation amount.

To link your eligible credit card rewards to your PayPal account, follow these steps in the PayPal app:

In the PayPal app, go to your Wallet and click on the Rewards tab.
Click on the ‘+’ icon next to the “Credit card rewards” section.
Click “Get started.”
Choose the reward program from the list shown.
Click on “Start Linking.”
Follow the prompts to add the card information.
Once done, click on “Link Card.”

Once your card is linked, your available reward balance will appear in your Wallet. You’ll also have the option to Pay with Rewards for eligible purchases when you check out with PayPal.

PayPal will continue to do our part to provide relief to those who are impacted by the tragic events occurring in Ukraine.

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