Sun upgrades Java card platform specs and development kit

Source: Sun

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:SUNW) today announced the availability of version 2.2.2 of its award winning Java Card platform specification and Java Card Development Kit.

Java Card 2.2.2 adds contactless capabilities and biometry support for smart card chip manufacturers, smart card vendors, and Java Card platform implementation providers to embed into their products. Card issuers such as telecom service providers, payment associations and government IT agencies stand to benefit from the enhanced security and interoperability of Java Card 2.2.2.

The new Java Card 2.2.2 platform specification is designed to enable interoperability for dual interface or multi-interface contactless cards.

It also includes standardized support for biometry-based user identity authentication and verification, as well as richer cryptography to accommodate the most rigorous enterprise security requirements. New developer APIs provide a more secure and memory-efficient application environment. Enhanced compatibility test suites ensure that the new Java Card 2.2.2 features meet the strictest interoperability standards. Fully backward compatible with earlier versions of Java Card technology, Java Card 2.2.2 is ready for the next generation of smart card standards. Unique features of Java Card technology in contactless products that benefit card issuers include interoperable cards, a certified multi-application platform, and an open environment for writing applications using development tools on operating systems including the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS), Windows and Linux.

The Java Card Development Kit provides a complete, standalone development environment in which applets written for the Java Card platform can be developed and tested. New enhancements to the Java Card Development Kit include Apache ANT support for the automation of tools and demonstrations, and compatibility with PC-SC readers.

"The Java Card platform has already seen tremendous success in the GSM telephony markets," noted Lisa Donnan, Vice President, Client Systems Group Marketing at Sun. "With the new Java Card specification, Sun continues to make strides in developing security technologies for real world applications. US government initiatives such as the PIV project supporting HSPD-12, e-Passport, SAFE and HIPAA which may require enterprises to issue ID cards to employees are good potential Java Card environments."

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