TransactTools releases financial messaging Inspector

Source: TransactTools

TransactTools, the industry leader in high-performance messaging solutions, has announced the immediate availability of Inspector, its latest product which gives instant visibility into transactions and message flows anywhere in the enterprise, regardless of system or messaging protocol.

Inspector provides a clean and simple browser-based interface for querying, filtering, and troubleshooting transaction streams and system logs, eliminating challenges associated with diagnosing connectivity problems and responding to business users and customers.

"By directly involving our customers in the design of this application, we've created something completely unique in the market. Our customers have looked at the various "FIX log analyzer" tools that are available. They need significantly more functionality and more flexibility," commented Sam Johnson, TransactTools CEO. "The Inspector ties messages together in their transaction context in real-time, regardless of the underlying system architecture. Inspector is an intelligent application, not a framework."

Cromwell Coulson, CEO of PinkSheets LLC, the leading provider of pricing and financial information for the over-the-counter securities markets, noted, "Inspector will significantly improve our ability to quickly respond to support issues by allowing us to find specific messages or transactions across all messaging gateways."

Because Inspector was designed for ease of use, taking advantage of its revolutionary analytical capabilities does not require a technical user. Mr. Coulson added, "A tool like this is very intuitive and easy to use, thus we can cover support issues and customer inquiries with less technical staff as well as expose this critical information to more personnel in the organization."

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