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SberTroika releases tap-to-phone mobile app for Moscow Metro commuters

Source: Moscow Metro

According to the Moscow Department of Transport, SberTroika (joint IT enterprise between the Sberbank and the Government of Moscow) has developed a new mobile application with Tap-to-Phone technology. Now Moscow citizens will be able to use the phone instead of the validator.

Drivers will be able to choose the payment option and the number of tickets in the application. The passenger should tap the bankcard or Troika card to the driver's phone, and the payment will be processed automatically. Later, a QR code with a payment receipt will appear on the screen.

The Department of Transport notes that the technology is convenient for regions that use ticket collectors rather than validators, it is cost-effective, universal and safe, since every transaction is secured.

«This method of fare control and payment is especially relevant for carriers whose vehicles are not equipped with validators, and fare payment is supervised by ticket inspectors. This is a fully Russian-made application. Now testing is underway on one interregional route 609 in Moscow. We are sure that the application will be in demand among other carriers as well» - said Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

SberTroika is a joint IT enterprise between the Sberbank and the Government of Moscow, which offers a system of cashless fare payment on the public transport in Moscow and Russian regions based on the Troika card.

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