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Nordigen partners Enty on open banking

Source: Nordigen

The only free open banking platform, Nordigen entered a partnership with full-service company management tool Enty, to provide the latter with banking data delivered straight to their dashboard, as well as integration with all of their other solutions.

Enty can be described as the “control panel” of any company, offering top-class solutions for company management with the best customer support for SMEs, freelancers and startups.

The all-in-one service provides its users with eight back-office tools all encompassed within one platform. Services on offer include incorporation, accounting, invoicing, contract management, HR services and more.

“The ultimate goal of Enty is to transform company management. We are aiming to make all company management processes as easy as possible. Integration with Nordigen is one of the steps to building a single dashboard that will allow controlling all back-office processes of a company,” says Kirill Zheleznov, CEO of Enty.

The integration with Nordigen’s account information service uplevels the platform by adding a new product to the mix - open banking. Enty users can now connect their business accounts directly to the system, allowing them to monitor financial activity through the platform and automatically supply the accounting tool with necessary data. Prior to the collaboration, users had to upload bank statements manually. Now Enty is one of the first to be able to generate their own bank statements, based on the data acquired through Nordigen’s API.

“Enty has created a tool that encompasses many aspects of successful business management. PSD2 was created to provide seamless access to open banking data and we’re delighted that our open banking solution helps Enty offer a more integrated and simplified user experience to their customers,'' says Rolands Mesters, co-founder and CEO of Nordigen. 

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