Corillian releases customer alert application


Corillian Corp. (Nasdaq:CORI), the number one provider of online banking solutions to leading financial institutions, today announced the availability of Corillian Alerts, an enterprise class notification system.

Corillian Alerts enables financial institutions to proactively deliver time-critical financial information to customers across multiple lines of business and delivery channels anytime, anywhere and through a variety of devices.
According to TowerGroup, an industry-leading financial services research and consulting firm, alerting services are not only imperative to providing high levels of customer service and maintaining a competitive advantage, but can provide financial institutions with significant cost savings.

"Financial services institutions (FSIs) must continuously find more effective ways to transact and communicate with clients and prospects as a means to remain competitive with other financial institutions and meet consumer expectations set by leaders in other industries," said George Tubin, a senior analyst at TowerGroup. "TowerGroup estimates that the cost of an average alert is $0.25, while the cost of an average phone session is $2.77. Offloading even a small percentage of inbound service calls to outbound alerts translates into a sizable savings, especially for larger FSIs."

With Corillian Alerts, financial institutions can deliver event-based information for activities such as low balances, new deposits, bill payment arrivals and deliveries, as well as scheduled electronic statements and service announcements. Depending on the most convenient method, a notification can be sent to customers via a variety of devices. The solution includes an opt-in user experience for selection of notifications directly from a financial institution's website and a secure inbox that acts as a repository for all notifications that a customer receives.

To enhance Corillian Alerts with full multi-device capabilities, Corillian has formed a strategic partnership with CenterPost Communications, the leader in automated customer communications. This strategic partnership integrates CenterPost's award-winning multi-device and network technology into Corillian's industry-leading online banking platform, Corillian Voyager. With this integrated solution, a Corillian Alerts notification can be sent to customers via a variety of devices, including: a phone call, mobile text message, email, fax or instant message.

"We chose to partner with CenterPost in order to enhance Corillian Alerts with multi-device capabilities and to deliver a unique enterprise alerting solution specific to financial institutions," said Alex Hart, chief executive officer at Corillian. "CenterPost specializes in multi-device and network communication, enabling Corillian to focus on our core competencies of world class security, scalability and interoperability for financial institutions. The end result is a best-of-breed, enterprise class, alerting system that will enable financial institutions to offer unprecedented levels of service to both online and offline customers in a cost effective manner that was previously not possible."

Charter One, a $41 billion bank holding company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is the first financial institution to implement the integrated solution.

"We are excited with the launch of our new online banking service with Corillian and CenterPost's integrated alert service," said Michael Dobbins, senior vice president of direct banking at Charter One. "Our customers are consistently looking for convenient ways to manage their finances, and the integrated alert communication with our online banking services allows us to continue innovating and meeting our customers' needs."

"The ability for end users to have up-to-date access to their financial information is key to building and maintaining customer loyalty," said Hart. "With the rapid adoption of online banking and the need to continuously provide better communications to customers, alert notifications enable leading financial institutions to stay ahead of their customers and meet their needs for convenience and control of their financial lives."

"Nineteen of the top 100 U.S. banks and over 16 million end users rely on Corillian for their eBanking needs," said Bob Pavich, CenterPost's vice president of banking solutions. "Our relationship with Corillian is a very important milestone as we continue to execute our strategy in the banking industry. The demand for a multi-channel notification solution within an eBanking application is clearly gaining momentum, and Corillian is perfectly positioned to deliver a most comprehensive solution to its clients."

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