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SoftPos implemented at Łódź Municipal Railway

Source: SoftPos

SoftPos app developed by Polish fintech of the same name and distributed by Worldline, one of the leaders in electronic payments market in Europe, has been successfully implemented and allows ticket sales in Łódź Municipal Railway (ŁKA).

This is a first integration of an app allowing to sell tickets with a SoftPos solution both in Poland and in the world. SoftPos installed on any device with Android 8.0 or higher allows acceptance of contactless payments for the train tickets without the need of having any additional devices, such as PIN Pad or traditional payment terminal. ŁKA has equipped their crew with Point Mobile PM85 devices distributed by SSK Rail. From now on, the ticket sales process is easier and more comfortable: both for the passenger and the railway worker. It also becomes safer, as contact with cash is eliminated.

SoftPos (Software Point of Sale) app is a special software allowing to use any mobile device as a traditional payment terminal, accepting contactless transactions, made by plastic cards and digital wallets, including those requiring PIN. The solution becomes more popular among many sectors, including couriers and delivery companies. ŁKA, which is now active for 7 years, is the first train company to choose the innovative solution provided by Worldline.

The solution which we’re offering is a revolution in the payments market, allowing to withdraw from buying or lending additional hardware - separate PIN pads, payment terminals and mobile printers. The possibility to choose one device covering multiple tasks results in no need of maintenance of various devices made by different manufacturers. Apart from that, Point Mobile PM85 allows to read barcodes from the paper tickets and check electronic tickets. I believe that this breakthrough solution will win hearts of both passengers and ŁKA crew - says Artur Żymańczyk, Country Manager, Worldline.

SoftPos is already used by various merchants in the whole country: courier companies such as Deliver Team, Warsaw’s plants store “W Liściach” or Wrocław-based Vector Software - company responsible for parking fares during events organized on the Wrocław Stadium.

From the very beginning we knew, that SoftPos will be an ideal match for all the situations requiring mobility. Couriers, food delivery companies or ticket sellers are the perfect target group for our solution. The fact that conductors don’t need any additional devices and are able to accept contactless transactions is a huge step forward both for the railway and for the passengers. We hope that our cooperation with ŁKA will start a new trend among railways and maybe even in the transport sector and many other companies will soon decide to use our app - Biser Jorgow, SoftPos Vice President.

The Łódź-based railway has many options to buy tickets, giving the clients ability to choose the most comfortable form. Implementation of cashless ticket sales from the conductor is the next step for the company, as many people are resigning from using cash in favour of cashless transactions. There’s no need to have a wallet anymore, as all the documents are accessible through a mobile phone.

Thanks to the cooperation with Worldline, purchase of tickets is safer, easier and faster - both for the passenger and for our crew. Apart from that, no need of having to touch cash is minimizing the risk of spreading virus during the COVID-19 pandemic. This technology also makes moving through the train easier for our crew and eliminates errors created by lack of communication between different devices or the need to charge many batteries - says Janusz Malinowski, CEO of ŁKA.

The solution has been implemented this fall and is available in all trains of ŁKA. The passengers are happy with the new option of ticket purchase and SoftPos gathers only positive reviews. The cooperation is being observed by many companies and institutions from transport sector, who have already expressed their interest in the solution.

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