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Swiss private bank Bordier & Cie partners with Moonfare

Source: Moonfare

Following the announcement of an innovative cryptocurrency partnership with Sygnum Bank earlier this year, Bordier & Cie, a leading Swiss private bank founded in 1844,is pleased to announce that it is the first bank in Switzerland to sign a partnership with Moonfare,the pioneering private equity fintech company which recently raised $125 million from Insight Partners of the US.

Moonfare has unique access to many top-tier and hard-to-access private equity funds, allowing Bordier to provide its client with a broader choice of private equity investment opportunities while also making it available to smaller clients.

The private equity asset class has seen tremendous growth in recent years. With assets under management of over $4 trillion, private equity today is no longer a niche asset class reserved onlyfor institutional investors. With last year’s arrival of Christian Skaanild as a Managing Partner, Bordier & Cie has increased its strategic focus on the private equity asset class. Mr Skaanild isan industry expert, having spent over 20 years working in private equity prior to joining Bordier & Cie. The partnership gives Bordier & Cie’s private clients access to Moonfare’s portfolio of top performing funds, widening its existing offering of leading private equity and venture capital funds. The partnership is unique in the Swiss private banking landscape and will also encompass international operations where both companies are present, including the UK, Singapore and France.

“My partners and I share a strong conviction that the private equity asset class has a home in long term investment portfolios of private clients. To expand Bordier & Cie’s unique offering in the asset class isa strategic priority for our bank and we are delighted to sign this partnership with Moonfare”, says Bordier & Cie Managing Partner, Christian Skaanild. “In only a short time, Moonfare has become the leading platform for individual investors in the private equity sector. Bordier & Cie provides its clients with impartial advice in building a diversified private equity portfolio, so that they may enjoy superior risk-adjusted returns from top performing funds.”

Moonfare gives private investors access to top-tier private market funds that were previously only available for institutions. The platform has been enthusiastically adopted by individuals and their advisors looking for extraordinary returns, leading to the company’s exponential growth in the past months. One of the reasons for Moonfare’s success is the broad asset class coverage it offers with carefully selected top-performing funds. The company’s highly qualified investment team consisting of industry veterans, conducts thorough due diligence and selects only a small percentage of funds covered. Investors also value the Moonfare platform that provides a seamless user-experience and has unique features such as a secondary market allowing investors to sell their stakes, making traditionally illiquid asset classes more liquid.

“We are delighted about this partnership with Bordier & Cie and are looking forward to combining the wealth management expertise of a nearly 200-year old Swiss bank with Moonfare’s technology and unique offering of private investment opportunities” says Moonfare founder and CEO Dr. Steffen Pauls. “This partnership is another milestone for our growth strategy in Switzerland, which is one of Moonfare’s fastest developing markets accounting for over 10% of our global AUM.”

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