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Swedbank and Savings Banks renew cooperation agreement

Source: Swedbank

Swedbank and the 58 collaborating Savings Banks have extended the cooperation agreement, which is the foundation of the unique partnership.

The agreement strengthens the Savings Banks’ local presence with a large-scale infrastructure and a full product range. The agreement enables a broad distribution of products for Swedbank.

Swedbank has its historical roots in the savings banks’ movement and the bank operates according to the basic savings bank ideology; to empower the many people and businesses to create a better future.

For Swedbank's and the Savings Banks’ customers, the extended cooperation agreement entails a continued access to competitive products in combination with a unique local presence and knowledge.

The commercial cooperation agreement enables a broad distribution of Swedbank's products via the Savings Banks, while the Savings Banks will have a continued access to Swedbank's infrastructure and product range.

“This agreement is based on a strong foundation of a multitude of shared values and guarantees continuity. With a common history of over 200 years, the parties can tirelessly continue to develop the customer meeting,” says Tomas Hedberg, Deputy President and Deputy CEO, Swedbank.

“We highly value the cooperation with Swedbank which enables the Savings Banks to deliver a full-scale banking business to all its customers, even to those who live and work outside the major cities,” says Ewa Andersen, CEO of Sparbankernas Riksförbund.

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