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JPIN Venture Catalysts Ltd (JPIN) invests in The Social Loan Company

Source: JPIN Venture Catalysts

Startup investment bank for the emerging markets JPIN Venture Catalysts Ltd (JPIN) has announced a strategic investment in The Social Loan Company (TSLC), a trailblazing AI-driven FinTech, on a mission to empower communities through bespoke financial products and services.

JPIN is working alongside Rothschild & Co. in a recently launched Series B funding round of $200M+ for TSLC, which is seeing significant interest from global institutional investors. This announcement comes after JPIN recently participated in a $25M round for TSLC alongside other investors in a consortium led by ADGM-domiciled ARV Investments. A select set of JPIN's LPs/ global family offices within their proprietary network have also participated along with JPIN in this round.

The new capital will be used to fuel the growth of TSLC’s digital lending operations, grow its global talent pool, step up business development, deepen its AI and predictive analytics capabilities and expand into selecting emerging and frontier markets.

Founded in 2016, TSLC is a mission-oriented enterprise, known for its ecosystem of AI-powered, big-data driven personalised financial solutions. Using its Machine Learning-imbued platform, TSLC is able to generate proprietary predictive analytics and support the enablement of inclusive, affordable credit-led products and services for low-to-moderate income communities in targeted markets.

The Company has built a cutting-edge, credit decisioning and underwriting engine that enables quick and flexible credit facilities in a one-stop ecosystem that is end-to-end tech-enabled, safe and secure. This platform will cater to the day-to-day needs of mainstream digital natives overlooked by traditional banking and credit-scoring systems.

With an established track record of sustainable growth and execution, TSLC currently has over 8 million customers on its platform in India under the brand - CASHe. It recently established its presence in the UAE as its first market to launch in MENAT (Middle East, North Africa and Turkey), and announced plans to launch in Bangladesh and Mexico. This is the next step in its ambitious global drive to play a significant role in democratising affordable and responsible credit. Once launched, the global financial wellness platform will engender affordable, hyper-personalised and instantaneous credit to underserved middle-income consumers, partnering with them on their journey to financial independence.

Gaurav Singh, co-founder of JPIN, says:
"Access to credit is what much of the world economy is based upon and in the past century has been one of the great levellers in providing opportunities for all members of society. We are incredibly excited to be able to help TSLC, and its exceptional leadership team, that is set to make a significant financial inclusion impact on the global whitespace of underserved digital natives. It is plain to see that this company is going places and investors are taking notice to be involved at this early stage, and providing such vital support is exactly what JPIN was designed to do from day one."

Nayan Gala, co-founder of JPIN, says:
“It is tremendously exciting to be investing in the future of TSLC, and its visionary founders, on a noble ESG-driven mission of democratising access to finance around the world in force-multiplier partnership in large emerging markets with leading banks, entrepreneurs and investors. We all look forward to watching and supporting this world-class team in their journey of growth, expansion, and scale - and in delivering fair and inclusive finance. The upcoming Series B round will not only turbocharge this growth but will also help us connect the company with some of the best experts, investors and strategic partners within our global network and ecosystem, further supporting TSLC on its exciting journey in the coming months and years."

Deepak Saluja, Group CEO & Co-Founder, TSLC, said:

“We are delighted to have attracted top-drawer investors such as JPIN and its associates to support our rapid entry into multiple markets within the next 6-12 months. We have an exciting journey ahead as we look to redefine the global financial landscape, transforming the world of online lending and changing the way everyday people approach their relationship with money and banking. Our ground-breaking ML-powered alternate data-driven credit-scoring engine will enable faster and better credit decisions, lower the barriers of borrowing and deliver access to honest, affordable and transparent credit.”

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