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VTB launches QR code transfers

Source: VTB

VTB Online has introduced the option of free money transfers using a personal QR code.

The service is available to clients of any Russian bank. According to VTB, the service will be especially in demand among self-employed people associated with micro-commerce.

To use the new service, the client needs to generate a QR code at VTB Online in one of two ways. Users can either select “Show QR” from the menu on the application icon, or go to the card or account from the main screen, press the "Refresh" button and select "By QR code". After that, users can share the QR code with clients of VTB, or other Russian banks, without transfer fees.

“The ability to transfer money using a QR code will be especially convenient for self-employed users and those involved in micro-commerce. The service will allow you to share a QR code with your clients by showing it on the screen, printing it or simply sending a link in the messenger. Even non-clients of VTB will be able to send money in this way.

"This will become a convenient alternative not only to cash payments, but also to purchases using POS terminals. Now you just need to take your smartphone with you, even going, for example, to a weekend fair. We will not take a commission for such a transfer and expect that only next year more than 50 thousand users will use it,” says Nikita Chugunov, Head of the Digital Business Department, VTB Senior Vice President.

VTB is actively working to implement services for self-employed clients. In the VTB Online application, a personal account is available to entrepreneurs, helping individuals register remotely with the Federal Tax Service under a special tax regime. In just a few clicks, users can send and receive funds, generate receipts, and track notifications from the Federal Tax Service, including the amount of taxes, debts and penalties accrued. Earlier, VTB Online introduced the option to withdraw cash from an account or digital card with a QR code at ATMs, enabling clients to complete transactions with only a smartphone.

VTB has carried out a large-scale update of its mobile application and Internet bank. VTB Online began to work twice as fast, and transfers and payments are now available even during maintenance work. VTB Online's maximum load has almost quadrupled to 500,000 concurrent sessions.

The bank launched 30 new online services, including updating passport data through the State Services portal, money transfers via Bluetooth and AirDrop, as well as services from partners. In 2022, this will increase the number of active users of VTB Online to 15 million people.

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