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Oval completes integration with ETX Capital

Source: Oval

Oval today announced that it is completing the integration with ETX Capital, a leading global financial services firm, and restated its ambitious plans for the future.

The past few months have allowed the two companies to combine into one solid business ready to face future challenges, with a team of more than 180 people across three offices in Italy, the United Kingdom and Cyprus. This renewed financial stability and injection of diverse industry experience will allow the company to grow with confidence, while offering Oval users more ways to invest and trade on global market opportunities.

The brands will become one: Oval, uniting smart, intuitive and accessible finance with ETX Capital’s expertise and long legacy in the financial markets. With this combined industry knowledge, Oval will focus on technological innovation to further support its consumer-first approach.

“New features will be announced over the next few months, but Oval's vision and the values it has carried over the years will not change. The company's business - the product - will always be aimed at helping you build good financial habits through savings and investments using modern technologies. All of this will be accompanied by a renewed trading offering that is consistent with the smart qualities associated with our brand,” said Claudio Bedino, CMO of Oval. Oval will benefit from ETX Capital’s extensive experience in financial markets and will offer new services that are increasingly effective and personalised to customers’ savings and investment needs.

The fintech company will soon implement new features for those who want to explore the world of investments. At the moment, Oval is strengthening its team to support growing ambitions, and is actively looking to recruit talented people keen to define the fintech revolution and help the brand shift from a start-up to a substantial industry presence.

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