MarketXS upgrades MarketXSPro application

Source: MarketXS

MarketXS, leading provider of real-time market data technology and trading solutions, today announced the release of version 2.7.3 of its MarketXSPro for Windows terminal application for traders.

The 2.7.3 version introduces four new plug-ins (Squid, TradeNet, Web Browser and DealXL), new user features, data sources and many general enhancements directly aimed at further improving the user experience.

Appealing to finance professionals on- and off trading floor, the powerful new tools have been developed in close consultation with MarketXSPro customers.

MarketXS 2.7.3 links to MarketXS Squid plug-in (a replacement of the discontinued Euronext Octopus system) and to the MarketXS order routing network TradeNet, giving MarketXSPro users full trading capability for the instruments displayed.

New and enhanced features of MarketXSPro version 2.7.3 include:

  • New instrument search functionalities, allowing searches on currency, expiration date, maturity date, minimum trade quantity, settlement period, trading unit etc.
  • News code searching and highlighting
  • A fixed income finder for quick and enhanced fixed income searching
  • An integrated web browser plug-in that makes Internet Explorer available in MarketXSPro

For Forex & Money Markets users the following new features have been added:

  • Option finder for direct access to different option and derivative contracts
  • Displaying contributor codes for Forex Money Markets
  • DealXL plug-in to provide the Forex and Money Market Trader with capabilities to price thousands of instruments in real-time, calculate Cross Currency broken dates, price FRAs or Forex Forwards from futures and analyze Forex Arbitrage opportunities

Specifically for the professional derivative market, additional information on historical professional trades, market volumes and derivative volumes for Euronext Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, LIFFE and Eurex have been made available.

MarketXSPro for Windows delivers sophisticated analytics and in-depth, real-time information from markets worldwide at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. It combines comprehensive data and advanced functionality with a fully customizable user interface, an easy, Windows-based, navigation and a full streaming integration with Microsoft Excel. The application obtains data through the Internet or leased lines using the firewall-friendly HTTP protocol, comparable to a web browser, and requires no additional investments in any local infrastructure.

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