FactorTrust authenticates card payments via mobile phones

Source: FactorTrust

FactorTrust today announced the general availability of a next generation service that uses the mobile phone as a unique identifier to provide secure, reliable and cost effective purchase and payer authentication for online credit card transactions.

This unique service dramatically lowers the cost and impact of credit card fraud and charge backs for online merchants. At the same time it improves privacy and security for the online consumer.

The FactorTrust service captures, stores and matches the consumer's mobile phone number to their credit card information during the order confirmation process. An SMS text message is then sent to the consumer requesting verification to proceed with the online order. If the credit card was being used fraudulently, the consumer would be alerted immediately, wherever they are at that time. The online merchant has access to their own merchant dashboard to see the results prior to shipping the order, reducing potential charge backs and lost inventory.

The release of this new purchase and payer authentication service coincides with mainstream acceptance of mobile phones and SMS globally and the rapid momentum building in North America. According to Forrester, over 82% of adults have mobile phones in North America and virtually all of them are SMS- capable. The demographics between cell phone users and today's online buyers are very similar as well, making the FactorTrust service the most non- intrusive, yet reliable, authentication solution in the market today.

"The cornerstone of our strategy is to provide a trusted network for online commerce," said Greg Rable, CEO and Founder of FactorTrust. "We set out to develop a solution and process that addressed both consumers' concerns and merchants' risks, equally. We accomplished that with a fast, easy-to-use and convenient authentication service that provides consumers peace of mind and merchants lowered costs and increased revenue. And what better way to offer it than through the consumer's mobile phone."

"Even if the percentage of fraud holds at about 2%, with online sales expected to grow each year at 14% compounded, the increase in fraud dollars would have a huge impact on online retail as a whole. The current fraud and authentication solutions are just not having enough of an impact to offset the continued high growth in online commerce," continued Rable. "FactorTrust has addressed this growing problem with the first truly proactive purchase and payer authentication service. Whether a merchant chooses to use it in addition to what they already have in place, or as their only credit card fraud protection, they will significantly reduce costs and lost sales."

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