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Moca releases Prompt Pay for early payroll access

Source: Moca

MOCA, a digital-first next-generation card-based payment platform provider announced it has added a new Prompt Pay feature to its system, helping MOCA cardholders access payroll funds early to help with daily budgeting.

MOCA’s Prompt Pay feature will allow participating MOCA financial institutions to release payroll funds to cardholders up to two days early with direct deposit. With Prompt Pay, MOCA cardholders will have access to their paycheck sooner, allowing them to continue making essential purchases when funds may be running low and keeping them from borrowing money at high interest rates. The early access can also help consumers avoid missing important payments or forego essential purchases.

“It is critical that everyone has access to their hard-earned money, especially in today’s economic environment,” said John Burns, CEO of MOCA. “Prompt Pay will be vital in helping MOCA cardholders gain access to their pay as early as possible so they can continue to make purchases of what they need most.”

Especially in the wake of COVID-19, early access to paychecks can be critically important. According to PYMNTS, 54% of American are living paycheck to paycheck in 2021. As economic conditions remain unstable, Prompt Pay provides some needed stability for MOCA cardholders.

“We are proud to be able to support our cardholders in this way. Financial situations are still touch and go for many people due to the pandemic,” added Burns. “At MOCA, it is all about making sure our cardholders are able to make payments easily, securely, and in whatever way they choose, and Prompt Pay does just that.”

With a payment platform comprised of physical and virtual debit, stored-value, credit, and gift cards, the ability to self-issue virtual cards, including one-time use card numbers, real-time P2P payments, “purpose-driven” cards, and unlimited cash-back rewards, MOCA is revolutionizing the cardholder experience and ultimately the way people interact with their money.

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