ICBA Mortgage names ComplianceEase preferred vendor

Source: ComplianceEase

ComplianceEase, a leading provider of automated compliance and risk-management solutions, today announced that it has been selected by ICBA Mortgage, a subsidiary of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) - the nation's largest constituency of community banks - as the Premier Value Provider for anti-predatory/high cost lending compliance solutions.

As a designated ICBA SmartLender Services Premier Value Provider, ComplianceEase offers member community banks the opportunity to strengthen their individual compliance practices by using ComplianceAnalyzer, an accurate, and cost-effective automated mortgage compliance solution. ICBA Mortgage members using ComplianceAnalyzer benefit from the solution's accurate automation of regulatory compliance procedures allowing community banks to safely maneuver within a complex and ever-changing patchwork of federal, state, and municipal legislation.

"We are enthusiastic about the partnership with ComplianceEase and believe that ComplianceAnalyzer is the ideal solution for our member community banks that require a cost-effective and dynamic regulatory compliance solution to ensure that their loans are fully compliant," said Ed Pinto, president of ICBA SmartLender Services, a subsidiary of ICBA Mortgage. Pinto also noted: "As origination costs rise in the coming year, we feel that community banks need a cost-effective automated compliance solution for their risk-management operations. Our exclusive partnership with ComplianceEase provides our member institutions with a key competitive advantage, enabling them to achieve full compliance levels as they expand their operations."

ComplianceAnalyzer is an Internet-based, on-demand solution accessible as a fully featured Web browser-based application. It is also seamlessly integrated with multiple industry-leading loan origination systems so that it can also be accessed through multiple access points. In addition to dramatically reducing the cost of compliance associated with the ever-changing "high-cost" and consumer lending regulations, ComplianceAnalyzer also significantly improves a lender's ability to quantify and mitigate areas of regulatory risk. ComplianceAnalyzer was built from the ground up utilizing industry expertise to provide features that are critical to the effective implementation of internal controls dictated by current business process management practices, such as those mandated by recent oversight requirements in Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

"We are pleased to establish an alliance partnership with ICBA Mortgage because we strongly support their vision to empower their member community banks with dynamic solutions allowing them to level the playing field and address the compliance challenge, resulting in high-quality assets that are saleable within the secondary market," stated David Girling, ComplianceEase's executive vice president of Sales and Marketing

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